Livecoding <<Algorave Essentials>>

  • ✏️  Donderdag 14 september 2023

Mag da wel van de rave politie?

Check out the video!

🎥 The night was filled with mind-blowing visuals and stellar performances by both the talented students, who only had 4 sessions of experience, and the professional Algoravers who delivered incredible sets.

🌟 The basement of The Roes was packed with beautiful people who immersed themselves in the world of code, experiencing a heart-pumping journey like never before.💬 Many performers shared that it was an unforgettable night, where everyone's energy and talent were simply amazing.

🙏 We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to Café De Roes for being our gracious host, to LUCA School Of Arts for their valuable support in organizing the event, and to Kasper Jordeans for mentoring and guiding the new stars on the block. Special thanks to Timo, Davide, Dago, and Geoffrey for creating a mind-blowing set. To Patrick De Kuysscher for the incredible pitcures. Last but not least, a huge shoutout to all the students who delivered awe-inspiring performances, and to everyone who made this night truly unforgettable.

🎧 @stijnrogiest (KUTKOFFIE)

🎧 @ben.van.son



🎧 @ijzer_lijm


🎧 @virtualfons


Cinematography: Rutger Claes

Production / 1st AC: Toon Jans

Editing: Jasper Vandelanotte

Music: Kasper Jordaens - Kaotec

Together with Broei.lab

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