18plus LAB presents: Follow My Lead, a role playing game

  • 🗓️  17 juli 2024
  • ⏰  13:00 tot 18:00
  • 📍  Freefall, Lucas Munichstraat 84, Gent
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  • 💶  Pay what you can 12€ / 8€ / 4€ (free for 18plus LAB members)

In 18plus LAB leer je alles wat je op school had moeten leren maar nooit aan bod kwam. In deze editie gaan we aan de slag met role playing games om de grenzen van onze intimiteit af te tasten.

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"Follow My Lead" is a non-verbal larp about kink
exploration and kink negotiation that gives
participants the alibi and tools to artistically play
with submission and domination.

The thrill and terror, awkwardness and joy of exploring your own desires and trying to understand others’, of getting to choose, being chosen, being left - all channeled through movement.


What is a role playing game?

This type of game isn’t a competition. 

Much of your previous experience with games (such as videogames or sports) may have been competitive, with winners and losers. However, not all games are like that. When you “played house” as a kid. One kid would play the mom, someone else would play the little brother, another kid would play the mail carrier, and you would act out everyone’s roles on a typical day at home.

Contrary to popular belief, role playing games don't have to be about knights, wizards, and fighting. 

Much like any other medium of artistic expression, a role playing game can be about any aspect of the human experience.

In the upcoming role playing game we will play with the erotic and sexual.
This can be a charged and emotional topic, so before the game we will outline ways to be safe, to encourage others to explore and collaborate through play, and to allow players to control and calibrate their own experiences. 

Players: 6-10
Duration: 4 hours

Dress code: comfortable / dark / no explicit kink or fetish

Physical contact: negotiable intensity / Moving in contact / hands / nech / forehead / buttocks / lips / shoulders / outside of thighs / pinning / being sat down / tickling / ice / feathers 
Romance and Intimacy: deeply emotional, sensual
Conflict and Violence: No physical violence / Challenged submission  
Communication style: Non verbal sounds / moans / growls 
Movement style: walking / sitting / kneeling on pillows / being led 
Characters: Players build their characters around a pre-designed skeleton
Tone: intens

Subjects: Power dynamic / sexuality / sensuality / kink / BDSM

Accessibility notes: This experience can be deeply emotional / Negotiation, consent and safety are paramount.

Play Culture: This experience is a goal-based game, in that it can be “won” by players finding and securing their character’s matching kink-mate.

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