About Mutation festival

Old and new technologies, established art disciplines in the mix with digital arts, informal and experimental education and everything in between. The coolest makers of today.

A Festival to network, stimulate new mutations and realize the (r)evolution.


For everybody who is ready to dive in. Experience yourself how making technology can be playfully and creative. Open for everyone, even if you don’t like to code.

Workshops by:

How do you make it?

How can you bring these beautiful theories into practice? These round table conversations will serve you fresh examples out of the wild and give you the opportunity to ask what you didn’t dare to ask before.

Moderators are:


You won’t have any moment to get bored during Mutation festival. If you’re not meeting someone new, you can discover one of the many interactive installations. Or just have a coffee.

Some expo artists:

Light installations (free)


A few dozen media artists bring their own projector and meet for Bring Your Own Beamer. They’ll bring a collection of visual and digital art, installations, music visuals and live performances. After last years edition at KERK and NEST, Bring Your Own Beamer will conquer Mutation Festival.

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Mutation Festival consists of 2 parts, one during the day and one in the evening.

During the day you'll get keynote speakers, workshops, how do you make it sessions and the expo, as well as food. For this part you need to buy tickets in advance!

During the evening we have BYOB and the expo. This part is free, no tickets needed.


Mutation Festival takes place @ Chinastraat.

The Chinastraat mainly consists out of old factory buildings. We will provide heating, but bringing an extra sweater definitely won't hurt.

Several organisations on the site focus on making and art, such as Bar Bricolage, Future Media and Ontsteking.

How to reach us?
Train to Gent Dampoort + bus 6 or by car via the R4 (parking space is available). Bike parking is also provided.


During Mutation Festival we serve you with coffee, snacks and a nice lunch.

In the evening, during BYOB, you can enjoy a lovely meal by several foodtrucks. This you do have to pay for yourself.

Got any special dietary needs? Let us know at marlies@nerdlab.be.