Create your own music from (deep) space

Monday 14 October 2019

Have you ever wondered how the universe would sound like if you could listen to it, or how data from our solar system can help you compose and produce music? You will learn everything about this in this workshop.

We will be practically working with data streams from NASA's GEOS satellite (Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite). Through the open source software packages Pure Data and Processing Valery Vermeulen will teach you how to convert this data into sound and music.

Dr. Valery Vermeulen of the Center for Music, Coding and Sound Desgin (Center-MCS) in Ghent, is a Belgian multimedia artist, electronic musician and producer, mathematician and guest lecturer at the Erasmushogeschool Brussels.

  • No prior experience or technical knowledge required. All concepts and methods in the workshop are applied in a direct and practical way.
  • Bring your own laptop and headphones.
  • Instal Pure Data and Processing on your laptop.
  • Max 20 people.
Workshop Valery Vermeulen NL Mutation2019

Since 2004, Valery has been working as a multimedia artist on various interactive multimedia installations where human-machine interaction is central.

Valery has a background in music (Masters in Music Production at the Ghent Conservatory) and in mathematics (Doctorate in Pure Mathematics, Ugent) and is active as an electronic musician, music producer, mathematician, guest lecturer at the Ghent Conservatory and researcher at the Department of Mathematics at the University Antwerp.

He also gives numerous workshops at home and abroad on sound synthesis, music production and the crossover between mathematics, music and technology.