Old and new technologies, established art disciplines in the mix with digital arts, informal and experimental education and everything in between. The coolest makers of today.


  • Andreas Refsgaard (DK)

    Interaction designer, artist and teacher from Denmark.Keeps himself busy with projects like the Eye Conductor: a system where people can make music only by the movements of their eyes and facial expressions. Andreas likes to investigate the creative possibilities of machine learning, preferably with a funny twist.

  • Angelo Vermeulen & Pieter Steyaert (BE)

    Angelo Vermeulen and Pieter Steyaert will tell you everything about recycled spaceships, living computers, and other unique cross-overs between art and maker culture. Together they set up numerous creative collaborations with local communities within the framework of the Space Ecologies Art and Design collective. In collaboration with the other members of their collective they developed a participatory methodology that resulted in more than 40 (art) projects, both in Belgium and abroad.

  • Moon Ribas (ES/CA)

    World's first female cyborg artist Moon Ribas is flying over from Catalonia. Since 2007 she has been experimenting with cybernetic devices. She literally senses all the earthquakes in the world in her elbows and uses that vibrating data for her live dance performances. She was part of the cradle of Cyborg Foundation, an international organization that helps people on their way to cyborgship, defends their rights and all of it is an art movement.

Lokale helden

  • Lucas Selfslagh

    We mainly know Lucas as inimitable 3D and visual programmer. He has been working for years on the Ghent version of GTA, where he, based on open data and Ghent, recreates its atmosphere and inhabitants in a game environment. He is also a popular artist at BYOB and in Nerdlab. At Mutation, this crazy self-taught makers tells how he collects his skills.

  • Léwi Vermeir

    As a student autonomous design at KASK, he arises the question as to whether machines can make art. Many other questions arise such as "what is art exactly?", "How can art be defined?" And "how do you recognize whether something is art or not". Important questions, viewed with a fresh perspective.

  • Kathelijne Put

    Kathelijne graduated as an interaction designer at Luca in Genk and cleverly mixed aspects of product design with printed matter and layout. As master project she developed an interactive museum guide that digitally strengthens the experience of a book printing museum. She bring us the story of her design process.

  • Freddy and Smollie

    These playful characters are actually blood-serious strategists at In the Pocket. During office hours they secretly take the best Belgian tech podcast with the beautiful name: Computer Club. Frederik De Bosschere and Thomas Smolders are the hosts of the conference and bring you into ecstasy with laughter and tears.

  • Speeddate

    Time to come up with new projects! At the festival all types of people are present, get some know some of them and maybe there is a germ to do a project together. Let us know!

    Media artist Roland Pauwels supervises this dating.

Beleef het zelf

  • Dries Depoorter

    Dries is a media artist and digital creative. He plays with the social effects that arise from technological progress. He developed Die With me, a chat app that you can only use if you have less than 5% battery left.
    Dries will give a workshop on Raspberry Pi, a kind of mini computer that he often uses in his work. He shows how it works and you learn to write your first program: Defriend someone on Facebook.

  • Dorien Schampaert

    This lady is one of the pioneers of the international algorave scene. An algorave is a dance party where the electronic music is programmed at the moment. So not with records, but with lines of code. Dorien will give a beginner's workshop so that you can be immersed in the world of the bleeps.

  • Nerdhub

    The maker community of Nerdlab has produced a whole series of playful installations that you will find at the expo. Especially for Mutation you will find the creators of all that beauty next to their work. They'll give you insight on how these things originated. Not only technically but also the ideas and the social context.

Breng in jouw praktijk

  • Timelab

    Evi Swinnen from Timelab founded one of the first Fablabs in Flanders. The organization has a great deal of experience, set up projects and changed their internal activities accordingly. In this discussion session Evi explains the course and is open to all questions.

  • RooftopTiger

    For all its social-artistic projects Rooftoptiger uses a strategy that uses artistic interventions and installations to inspire people to take action in their own neighborhood.
    Sara Dandois is happy to tell you how she, as a social-artistic producer, tackles these projects.

  • Hannes from Nerdlab

    Many libraries, schools, cultural centers and youth centers are looking for ways to introduce the maker culture within their organization. The first question is not: what does it cost? But what do you want to achieve? and what already exists in your neighborhood? Hannes brings Nerdlab's vision and brings you in contact with the right people.

  • Klaartje and Veerle

    Klaartje Van der Bauwhede from De Krook in Ghent and Veerle Van Schoelant from 30CC in Leuven provide insight into their experiments with new experiences in local cultural houses.
    Together they reflect on these new formats and how they can fit in the library, cut-and-center center and programming. These ladies set up new formats for digital art and culture experiences and pass on their secrets at Mutation.

  • REC./Chase

    Close by an (imaginary) campfire including marshmallows, creative end boss Sven De Coninck (from Chase) and substantive rock Pieter Blomme (from REC) bring the story of their ecosystem. How storytelling not only brings together a volunteers, two post-graduates but also a hobby project. To illustrate this, they bring their most creative projects.

  • Valery Vermeulen

    This experimental electronica musician is the ideal mix between science and art. He is both music producer of training and doctor in pure mathematics. In his installation he goes to work with data from our solar system and he investigates the emotions that music brings to people. He will perform and talk about his methods. Don't miss out.

  • Hannes en ilja

    Hannes Vanhaverbeke from Cultuurconnect and Ilja Van Autreve from the Kopergietery supervise a workshop on art and cultural experience in digital times. As coordinator of the media lab, Ilja knows the do's and don'ts of the digital playground very concrete. Hannes speaks from his experience within the Uncovered inspiration trail and gives a wide view of what is possible in the cultural sector.



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