Boattrip Captain Einstein - VR short movie

vrijdag 08 november 2019

The theory of relativity is a beautiful theory that is fundamental to our understanding of nature at many different length and energy scales. Jump aboard for a mind bending boat trip in a world where light speed is a mere 20km/h. After this trip your view on space, time and all in between will probably not quite be the same anymore.

In this TED-X talk Karel Van Acoleyen explains the fantastic technology and science behind this film. Karel Van Acoleyen (1977) is a theoretical physicist at Ghent University. His research revolves around elementary particles, quantum mechanics, gravity and cosmology. He lectures the theory of relativity, but he is also very fond of bringing science outside the classroom: from speaking at bars, street fairs and (film)festivals to teaching the band de Portables on Killing horizons. With Captain Einstein he is now exploring relativity in virtual reality.