Bring Your Own Beamer - 28 oktober 2016 - Kerk, Gent

Oh Yeah, It’s on again!
At the end of October we will bring you 100 artists in the beautifull venue of KERK. Together we’ll paint walls and white fabric with big and small stories, right from the beamer.
BYOB is an open event where anyone with a something digital to show for meets up for beers and discovery. Last year 1350 people came and saw the visual creativity of 75 artists. It was a blast.

A bus with 20 artist from The Netherlands came by with their beamers and made it a night to remember. This year on the 29 of September we’ll ask a busdriver to bring us (and some beers) to Utrecht for the Dutch Film Festival BYOB by SETUP. You can join in for free!.

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With 100 projectors beaming photographs, video, live coding, visual installation, interactive and 3D mapping you are at the right spot for showing off your thing. We have 75 spots for artist-makers and 20 seats on the bus.

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